Diátaxis is the work of Daniele Procida.

The principles described in this website have been developed over a number of years, and continue to be elaborated and explored.

Origins and development

The original context for this approach was software product documentation, which remains their principal application.

More recent work has seen them applied at scale in internal corporate documentation, in scientific research contexts, organisational management and education.

Divio and Diátaxis

The key concepts behind Diátaxis first crystallised while working at Divio, the cloud applications platform.

I presented these ideas at conferences in early 2017, and as they gained a fuller form, wrote them up as The documentation system for Divio.

The thinking and approaches I elaborated while working at Divio are at the core of the Diátaxis documentation philosophy. I remain grateful to Divio for the long and fruitful collaboration that provided me with the opportunity to develop and express these ideas. Divio should be acknowledged as having helped nurture them.

Since leaving Divio in 2021 I have continued to research and refine my approaches and methods in documentation, now published here.

For the sake of clarity, the material published at is Divio’s intellectual property and is rightfully there. Divio has behaved with appropriate courtesy and propriety throughout my time working at the company, and since then.

Do not approach or hassle Divio demanding explanations.

Contact the author

Email Daniele Procida. I read everything I receive. I appreciate all the interest and do my best to reply, but I get a considerable quantity of email related to Diátaxis and I can’t promise to respond to every message.

If you’d like to discuss Diátaxis with other users, please see the #diataxis channel on the Write the Docs Slack group, or the Discussions section of the GitHub repository.

You can also submit a pull request to have your documentation listed in Who’s using Diátaxis or to suggest an improvement, or file an issue.

How to cite Diátaxis

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